With a specialized team of document experts boasting years of professional experience in the engineering industry, Gerizim Traders' technical team possesses unparalleled technical knowledge acquired from professionals with decades of experience in Singapore's roadworks and pipe laying industry.

We currently offer support to companies with a wide range of services, including General Document Support Services on Road Works in the stages below.

  • Pre-Construction Stage.
  • During the work progress.
  • Post Construction Stage.

With a comprehensive team of both onshore and offshore professionals, Gerizim Traders Pte Ltd possesses the capability to participate in meetings, both online and offline, and provide excellent support for all types of documentation work.

General Document Support Services on Road Works

Pre-construction Stage

ROA (Road Opening Applications)

Preparation of sketches, photo pages and Traffic control plans for ROA submissions.

Purchasing Plant Maps / Services drawings

Purchasing of plant maps from local utilities/service providers like SPPG, SPGas, All Telcos, PUB, Soxal, NOX, etc…

Notification of Earthworks

Submission of NCEs through online and document support till getting final approval from agencies.

POWS submissions (PUB) through online.

Report submissions for getting special permits

Preparation and submission of trial hole reports and section drawings to get EHVN, RN, TPOM, and DPOM clearances.

Assisting to send follow-up emails.

LTA PROMPT Applications

Assisting in applying LTA PROMPT at the online portal.

During the Work Progress


Daily update on commencement and completion of works at LTA PROMPT portal.

Daily Schedule/Progress Report

Preparing and providing daily work progress reports to customers.

Preparing and distributing daily work schedule.

Workers/Staffs Attendance

Daily data update on workers’ and staff attendance.

Assisting payroll with data preparation.

Periodical Management reports

Preparation and submission of monthly/weekly/bi-weekly management reports.

Assisting in preparing various customized reports.

Budgetary Quotations

Assisting in preparing budgetary quotes based on the schedule of rates (SOR).

Post Construction Stage


Updating final completion of works at the LTA PROMPT portal.

As-Build Drawing

Preparation of as-built drawings, and survey drawings based on true coordinates.

Preparation of IMDA datasheet.

Completion Reports

Preparation of final work completion reports.

Handing over documents.

Service reports.

Claim Documents

Preparation and submission of claim documents.